Australian Teacher Standards – Professional Practice

(Last Updated On: October 15, 2023)

The Australian Professional Standards for Teachers contains three domains. These are broad descriptions of what teachers do all across Australia. 

The second of these domains is Professional Practice.

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What is the Professional Practice domain?

The Professional Practice domain covers the things that teachers do as a part of their teaching. It might seem like this should be what all of the teaching standards are about, but it is specific to interacting with students and delivering learning programs. As any teacher knows, there is a lot more to the profession than that

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Professional practice includes:

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What does Professional Practice look like?

Professional Practice is not just what happens in the classroom. It is how teachers plan their lessons, evaluate their effectiveness, and support student learning. 

It could look like a teacher catching a student in the yard to praise them for the work that they’ve done. It could be a phone call to a student’s parents after school to raise their concerns about their child. 

Professional Practice is about everything that teachers do to support their students. The other domains describe knowing how to support students and keeping up with best practice, but the Professional Practice domain is actually implementing this practice.

What can teachers do to build their Professional Practice?

Professional Practice is a huge part of teaching. A few strategies that you can use to build and improve your Professional Practice are:

The key to improving your Professional Practice is that you’re going to have to try something new. Whether it’s a new teaching strategy, a new way of using technology, or a new way of giving feedback.

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