A young student is staring at her laptop screen with her head in her hands. She is struggling with online learning.

How Do I Know if Online Schooling is Right for My Child?

Online education can be very difficult for the students and can actually be detrimental for their mental health if they are not properly supported.

Teacher with a disability helping students work in computers.

How teaching online supports teachers with a disability.

When I started teaching online, I didn’t expect that I would also be working with a more complex range of students, but also teachers.

Teacher stressed with her head in her hands because she struggles with work-life balance.

How do you find work-life balance as a teacher?

Teachers in particular struggle to find work-life balance due to the increasing emotional demands of our work, as well as the negative perception of teaching.

Young teacher having a lesson with his students online.

5 key benefits of being an online teacher.

Many teachers were forced to teach online without any training or infrastructure. This is very different to teaching at a distance education school.

Young female teacher gesturing to her students while teaching online.

How to get a job teaching online.

Online teaching requires a specific set of skills. The most important thing in becoming an online teacher though, is being willing to give it a go.

Teacher sitting on her couch in front of a laptop, thinking about preparing for online learning.

The top 4 key strategies for successful online teaching.

We’ve all had to become experts in online learning. Schools across the globe have taken different approaches, and some have been more effective than others.