A teacher is sitting next to one of her students at his desk. She has a book open in her hands, and is pointing to her student's work on the desk while she explains something to him.

What is the QLD Teacher Annual Performance Review Process?

Everyone working in a Queensland public school, from site leaders to graduate teachers on a single-term contract, need to do an Annual Performance Review.

A graduate teacher is standing in front of the blackboard in her classroom. She is pointing to a student behind the camera to ask them a question.

What Does it Mean to be a Graduate Teacher?

If you haven’t met the standards by the time you graduate, you will not be able to become a registered teacher and teach in Australian classrooms. 

A proficient male teacher is sitting on a desk at the front of his classroom. He is pointing at one of his high school students and smiling. The students have their hands up to answer a question.

What Does it Mean to Be a Proficient Teacher?

Different states in Australia have different processes for certifying their teachers as Proficient. All of them will involve gathering evidence.

A student is laughing as she talks to her teacher.

3.5 Use Effective Classroom Communication

It’s not about what you’re teaching, or even the strategies that you’re using to teach it. It’s about how you, as a person, interact with young people.

A young male highly accomplished teacher is smiling and pointing at the camera with one hand. In his other hand, he is holding a piece of chalk, poised to start writing on the blackboard behind him.

What Does it Mean to be a Highly Accomplished Teacher?

Reaching this stage takes experience and passion for teaching. You’ll need to know your stuff, but you also become an integral part of your school community. 

A teacher is leaning over one of her students to help them with their blocks on the table. There is a small group of other students who are watching what the teacher is doing.

3.4 Select and Use Resources

From worksheets to digital platforms, videos to physical manipulatives. The more resources you are familiar with, the more options you have for your students.

An older male teacher is standing in his classroom pointing to a world map with his pencil. He is looking at a group of his students in the foreground while explaining something to them.

Different Types of Curriculum Documentation: What’s the Difference?

Teachers use many planning documents to ensure that they are prepared for each lesson and that each lesson fits into the bigger picture. 

A teacher is sitting at a table in his classroom with his students. They are all around the table, looking at a flashcard that the teacher is holding up. They are all saying the sound "L" that is on the flash card.

3.3 Use Teaching Strategies

This area covers both what strategies you know, whether you can apply them to the correct context, and whether you can actually implement them or not.

A teacher is standing at the front of her classroom in front of the whiteboard. She is pointing to a country on the world map behind her and looking at the students sitting in rows in front of her. All of her students have their hands up to answer her question.

3.2 Plan, Structure and Sequence Learning Programs

Creating a quality scope and sequence balances your students’ needs. You’ll need to ensure they have the foundation to extend themselves in the future.

A teacher is standing behind one of her students as she works. A number of students are sitting around the same table, which is covered in pieces of paper and coloured pencils.

3.1 Establish Challenging Learning Goals

Developing learning goals for your students at the right level for them is a real skill. It takes some time, training and practice to get the balance right.