Teacher smiling as she does an art and craft activity with a group of young students.

Why teacher well-being is the most important factor in student success.

Teachers know that you can’t do your best work when you are not looked after. Too many teachers can’t balance the demands of their job with their well-being.

What Can You Do When a Student Gives You a Gift that you Can’t Accept?

Teachers are often given gifts by their students, and it can be difficult to know what to do when you receive one. What if you don’t want or can’t accept it?

The best gifts to give your child’s teacher

For teachers, receiving gifts from their students is problematic. There are ethical and legal risks when they accept gifts which you might not be aware of.

Why Teaching is Becoming a More Feminized Profession

Women make up the majority of the teaching workforce in the United States. So why is this happening? Is this a good thing, or something that needs adressing?

5 reasons to join your teacher’s union today.

Unions have a long, proud history in Australia. They have ensured that Australian wages are amongst the highest in the world, and our teachers are no different.

Young student wellbeing leader sitting with colleagues laughing.

What is emotional burnout and how does it impact teachers?

As teachers, we’re not witnessing deaths and grieving families like a lot of other professions, but many of us are experiencing emotional burnout.

Teacher taking a break from their work to stretch.

How to get enough exercise as a teacher.

How do you get exercise as a teacher? You get to work while it’s dark and stay until after the students leave. The trick is to alter what you’re already doing.

Teacher with a disability helping students work in computers.

How teaching online supports teachers with a disability.

When I started teaching online, I didn’t expect that I would also be working with a more complex range of students, but also teachers.

Female teacher working with students.

Why teaching has become an exclusive profession.

Teaching as a profession excludes certain demographics. There are also pressures placed on teachers that mean that certain demographics leave at a higher rate.

Teacher stressed with her head in her hands because she struggles with work-life balance.

How do you find work-life balance as a teacher?

Teachers in particular struggle to find work-life balance due to the increasing emotional demands of our work, as well as the negative perception of teaching.