A teacher is standing behind one of her students while they are working. The teacher has one hand on the back of the student's chair, and the other is pointing to her work in her notebook. The student is writing as the teacher talks to her about her work.

The #1 Obstacle Teachers Face with Aboriginal Perspectives.

Every teacher that I spoke to, from young HASS teachers to senior Maths teachers, were all interested in doing this well. The main barrier was fear.

A teacher is sitting on the floor with his young students. He is reading from a picture book and holding up two fingers while looking at one of the students. All of the students are looking at him, some with their hands up.

8 Simple Strategies for Effective Classroom Communication

Effective communication is a crucial component of teaching. It allows teachers to share information, give feedback, and build relationships with their students.

An older male teacher is standing in his classroom pointing to a world map with his pencil. He is looking at a group of his students in the foreground while explaining something to them.

Different Types of Curriculum Documentation: What’s the Difference?

Teachers use many planning documents to ensure that they are prepared for each lesson and that each lesson fits into the bigger picture. 

3.1 Establish Challenging Learning Goals

Developing learning goals for your students at the right level for them is a real skill. It takes some time, training and practice to get the balance right.

2.6 Information and Communication Technology

A wide range of digital platforms are available for teachers to use that can support student learning and enable teachers to track student progress easily.

2.5 Literacy and numeracy strategies

It is important to remember that improving literacy and numeracy is every teacher’s job, not only the English and Maths teachers.

2.4 Understand and respect Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people

This is a key priority for schools across Australia and so is embedded in our professional standards, as well as our Australian Curriculum.

2.3 Curriculum, assessment and reporting

The descriptors under this focus area talk about learning programs, but the core of this focus area is how you build assessment into your teaching.

2.2 Content selection and organisation

Knowing how to structure and sequence a learning program is an important skill for a teacher and can greatly impact the efficacy of their teaching.

2.1 Content and teaching strategies of the teaching area

As a teacher, you need to understand the content you are teaching well enough to foresee the obstacles your students will face and plan accordingly.