A young female teacher stands smiling in front of her class while holding books

How to actually create your personalised teaching persona.

You’re going to be in a class of thirty teenagers tomorrow and you’re going to try and be a completely different person! How are you going to pull it off?

Older teacher confidently helping a student while walking down a school hall.

Who should I be as a teacher? – How to choose a teaching persona.

Creating a teaching persona is important, but you first need to consider what you’re working with. The easiest way is to tweak your natural persona.

Male teacher standing confidently in front of a class while teaching.

Why do I need to develop a teacher persona?

It can be exhausting to be in front of students day after day with a mask on, but it’s necessary to keep a little bit of distance between you and you work. 

Teacher being a role model for a young female student as they work together.

How to be a Good Role Model for a Young Person.

Young people need to have role models. Some will look up to sports players, their favourite actor or musician, but many look up to the adults in their life. 

Female teacher working with students.

Why teaching has become an exclusive profession.

Teaching as a profession excludes certain demographics. There are also pressures placed on teachers that mean that certain demographics leave at a higher rate.

Older female teacher smiling while talking to a young student.

Develop Unconditional Positive Regard in the Classroom.

Unconditional positive regard is about forgiveness. It’s not enough to point out the good; you need to also forgive students when they make poor choices.

Older male teacher smiling while working with a teenage male student.

3 Incredible Benefits of Unconditional Positive Regard.

While most of the strategies you use in the classroom are things that you do, unconditional positive regard is rooted in how you think as a teacher.

Female teacher working closely with a group of young students.

5 Strategies to Quickly Build Rapport with Students.

One of the most challenging things about being a relief teacher is that when the relief teacher is in, the students will often NOT be on their best behaviour.

Young female teacher helping a middle school aged student on the computer. Both are smiling.

Why do we need more introverted teachers?

It’s no secret that teaching is a people’s profession. The social pressure is enough to exhaust anyone, but it disproportionately affects introverted teachers.

Young female student and teacher painting eggs together for Easter.

3 Important Considerations When Celebrating Easter in Class.

When you have a class of 20-30 students, you learn to never expect anything. You never know precisely what each of your students’ backgrounds, families, and values are.