A male and female teacher stand together looking and pointing at a piece of paper.

Female Teachers NEED to use Different Teaching Strategies.

There are differences between men and women. While we should have the same opportunities and support in our careers, we are perceived in different ways. 

Two girls working on a robot in a classroom.

1.3 Students with diverse linguistic, cultural, religious and socioeconomic backgrounds.

Students with different backgrounds respond differently to teaching strategies. Knowing the best strategies to teach your students is a key part of teaching.

A room full of private school students listening to their teacher.

Socio-economic status and school – how much does it really matter?

If students have less money, their home lives will be different to those with higher income. This looks different for every student and isn’t generalisable.

A young Aboriginal man is standing to the left side of the frame. He has his arms crossed across his chest and is looking straight into the camera.

1.4 Strategies for teaching Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students.

Supporting First Nations students is a key priority of school systems across Australia, and our schools are a key part of nationwide Reconciliation efforts.

A teacher is instructing a classroom of children.

High Teacher Expectations – What Does it Actually Mean?

Low teacher expectations are one of the critical problems for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students in Australia.

A male teacher praising a young female student. She is smiling.

The deficit model in tutoring – how do you meet parent expectations?

One of the challenges in teaching is that people think they can do it better. The parents, our own families, and the politicians all think that they know what does and should go on in our classrooms.

A public school teacher is pointing at one of her students as they sit on the carpet.

How to Manage Attention-Seeking Behaviour in Your Students.

Whether your students are seeking positive attention or are acting up to get a rise out of you, there are strategies that you can use.

A teacher is sitting at a small table with two of her students doing craft activities. One of the students is sitting backwards on his chair slumped over, and the teacher is resting her head in her hands with her elbows on the table.

Why teachers need to admit when they are wrong.

‘I was just testing you!’ is a common excuse, but the truth is that unless you are teaching very young primary aged students, no one believes a word of it.

A class of students in uniforms sit in rows in the background doing a test. Their teacher is standing in the foreground supervising them with his back to the camera.

The Different Teaching Styles: Which One Works for You?

There are many different teaching styles, and each one can be successful in the classroom. It’s important to understand what makes each type successful.

A teacher has stopped next to a student to point out something about their work.

Should Teachers Intimidate their Students?

No. Plain and simple. That’s all there is to it. Here’s why: Students need to be able to trust their teachers. Students need good role models.