A man is working on a wooden surfboard in a workshop.

Creating a Reconciliation Action Plan – Best Practice for Schools.

All schools in Australia should have a Reconciliation Action Plan in place. A RAP can help teachers support their students in a meaningful and authentic way.

A teacher is standing behind one of her students while they are working. The teacher has one hand on the back of the student's chair, and the other is pointing to her work in her notebook. The student is writing as the teacher talks to her about her work.

The #1 Obstacle Teachers Face with Aboriginal Perspectives.

Every teacher that I spoke to, from young HASS teachers to senior Maths teachers, were all interested in doing this well. The main barrier was fear.

A teacher is instructing a classroom of children.

High Teacher Expectations – What Does it Actually Mean?

Low teacher expectations are one of the critical problems for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students in Australia.