Casual relief teacher pay rates in Tasmania.

If you are a relief teacher in a public Tasmanian school, you will earn between $35.55 and $58.66 per hour depending on your level of training and experience.

Casual Relief Teacher Pay Rates – NSW

Casual relief teachers working in NSW public schools will be paid between $381.41 and $460.01 per day from the beginning of 2022, depending on your tier.

How much do ACT relief teachers get paid?

As a relief teacher in ACT public schools, you will earn between $285 and $446 per day depending on how much teaching experience you have.

Female teacher working with students.

Is it easier to work as a teacher or as a teaching assistant?

Whether it is easier to be a teacher or a teaching assistant depends entirely on you and what you find easy. You might find the level of control and flexibility

Two teachers debriefing in the staffroom after a hard lesson.

10 Tips for Making the Most of Your Teaching Placement

Teaching is a set of skills that are impossible to truly learn from a book. Being in a school watching and teaching is the best way to get better at teaching.

Why is my South Australian Authority to Teach taking so long?

Sometimes, it can take an awfully long time for your Authority to Teach letter to come through. It can be hard to sit at home waiting to see if you can work…

Teacher smiling while she talks to a school on the phone about her teaching placement.

Why shouldn’t I find my own teaching placement?

Many universities in Australia have agreements with local schools. These agreements are designed to make it easier for universities to quickly find placements

A clock sits on a table next to a standardised literacy and numeracy test while there are teachers completing the LANTITE in the background.

What is the point of doing the LANTITE?

It has been quite controversial. There are issues with it being discriminatory or irrelevant, and it has a negative impact on the well-being of teachers.

A hand is using a pencil to complete an online literacy and numeracy test.

The impact of the LANTITE on pre-service teachers.

They said it was to ensure that we could read, write, and do some simple maths. Surely, we’d proved these things by completing a university degree?

Teacher sitting at a laptop with a headset on while she is listening to a lecture from her online university.

Should I do an online teaching degree?

It can be tempting to attend an online university out of convenience. You study from home, don’t need to go in for classes, and it can be more flexible.