The Best Strategy for Relief Teachers who Struggle with Names.

With the number of names that you need to remember (and how little time you have to learn them), you need a solid strategy in place to help you.

6 High-Impact Teaching Strategies That Take 30 Seconds or Less.

These strategies will take 30 seconds either in your lesson or after. They may just be the best 30 seconds you can spend to support your students.

Casual relief teacher pay rates in Tasmania.

If you are a relief teacher in a public Tasmanian school, you will earn between $35.55 and $58.66 per hour depending on your level of training and experience.

Casual Relief Teacher Pay Rates – NSW

Casual relief teachers working in NSW public schools will be paid between $381.41 and $460.01 per day from the beginning of 2022, depending on your tier.

How much do ACT relief teachers get paid?

As a relief teacher in ACT public schools, you will earn between $285 and $446 per day depending on how much teaching experience you have.

What is the Casual Relief Teacher Pay Rate in the Northern Territory?

If you are a relief teacher working in public schools in the Northern Territory, you can expect to earn between $61.55 and $67.71 per hour. Your exact pay rate

Relief Teacher Pay Rates in Melbourne & Victoria 2022

If you are a relief teacher in Melbourne or Victoria and are working for the Department of Education, you will get paid at an hourly rate.

A relief teacher is sitting at a laptop at the end of the day looking over her notes for the classroom teacher to make sure that she has included everything that they need to know.

Essential things relief teachers MUST include in their notes.

The teacher has entrusted you with their class, and it’s essential that you tell how the day went so that they are prepared for when they are back in action. 

What is the relief teacher pay rate in Brisbane?

If you are a casual supply or relief teacher in Brisbane, the pay rate is $426.20 per day or $85.24 per hour. In Catholic schools, the pay rate…

Relief teacher entering a classroom while holding his own laptop.

Do relief teachers need to bring their own device?

If you bring your own device you will have all of your own resources, but there are many reasons why you shouldn’t bring your own device to a school.