Salary Packaging in Victorian Government Schools

It’s essential for employees to understand the benefits available. One benefit, under the Victorian Government Schools Agreement 2022, is salary packaging.

Understanding the Teacher Salary Structure in Victorian Government Schools

Understanding of the teacher salary structure in Victorian Government Schools is crucial given its direct impact on your financial well-being as an educator.

Unlocking the Benefits of Salary Packaging for NSW Teachers

To reward their efforts and provide additional benefits, the NSW government offers salary packaging options to eligible school staff members.

Understanding Casual Teachers’ Pay and Entitlements in NSW

Casual teachers play a vital role in the education system. Here’s what you need to know about their rates of pay and entitlements in New South Wales.

Understanding Allowances for NSW Teachers: A Comprehensive Guide

To recognise the efforts of dedicated educators, the NSW government offers a range of allowances to eligible school staff members.

A Northern Territory teacher stands in her classroom, leaning on a student's desk on both arms. She smiles and looks at one of her students. There are many students at desks in the classroom working on their projects.

What is the Pay Rate for NT Teachers?

As a beginning NT teacher in 2023, you will be paid $77,047 per year. An experienced teacher can earn up to $165,646 just working in the classroom. 

A teacher is sitting on the floor to reach her young students' table. They are sitting at the table building things with blocks. The teacher is helping one of the students and smiling at him.

What is the Pay Rate for QLD Teachers?

A beginning QLD teacher in 2023 will earn a salary of $71,986, but an experienced teacher can earn up to $119,518.

A NSW teacher is in the foreground. He is holding a book open for his students to see. A group of young students are all leaning over to point to the page.

What is the Pay Rate for NSW Teachers?

A teacher in NSW can expect to earn between $73,737 and $109,978 in 2023. Your exact salary will depend on several factors such as experience and training.

A Victorian teacher is sitting on a desk at the front of his classroom. He has a book in his hand and is pointing at a particular page while leaning forward so that his students can see. His students sitting at their desks in front of him are leaning forward to look at the book.

What is the Pay Rate for Victorian Teachers?

Victorian teachers can expect to earn between $75,726 and $112,333 in 2023, although individual salaries will depend on a number of factors.

A Western Australian teacher is sitting at her desk in her classroom. She is creating a video for her students to watch, recording herself using her phone on a tripod. She has a piece of paper with different patterns of symbols on it and is pointing to one with a pencil while explaining it to the camera.

What is the Pay Rate for WA Teachers?

WA teachers were given a pay raise in December 2022, and so as of 2023, WA teachers can expect to earn between $62,531 and $113,568.