What is the Pay Rate for NT Teachers?

This article details the pay rates for full-time classroom teachers in the Northern Territory. For pay rates of NT casual relief teachers, please see What is the Casual Relief Teacher Pay Rate in the NT?

NT Public School Teacher Salaries

As a beginning teacher in 2023, you will be paid $77,047 per year. An experienced teacher can earn up to $165,646 just working in the classroom. 

If you work full-time as a teacher in a Northern Territory public school, you will be paid according to the table below:

Classroom Teachers Pay Scale – Northern Territory

Step2023 Annual Salary
1$77 047 
2$80 911 
3$84 777 
4$86 641
5$92 505
6$98 902 
7$102 768 
8$106 631 
9$110 496 

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Classroom Teacher Salary Steps

If you have a four-year (or equivalent) teaching degree and no additional teaching experience, you will start your career on step 1 of the Classroom Teacher pay scale. You will move up one step automatically for each year of experience you have in the classroom. 

If you perform well and are a highly effective teacher, your Principal can pay you at a higher step than you would automatically get based on your experience. This is uncommon, however.

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Senior Teacher Pay Scale

In the NT, Senior Teachers are classroom teachers who have received a promotion. This can occur for a few reasons:

  • You have stepped into a leadership role.
  • You are performing additional duties for the school or the Department of Education.

Most school leaders will be somewhere on the Senior Teacher pay scale. The exception to this is school Principals, who are paid according to a different pay scale. 

The salaries for Senior Teachers are outlined in the table below:

Step2023 Annual Salary
1$122 220 
2$127 061 
3$135 046 
4$138 868 
5$148 468 
6$153 159 
7$158 586 
8$165 646

Senior Teachers may or may not move up the pay scale as they gain more experience. A particular position (such as Curriculum Coordinator) may have a set place on the pay scale as decided by the school, for example. These decisions are to be made by the Principal of each individual school.

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NT Catholic School Teacher’s Salaries

The pay rates for Catholic school teachers are very similar to those for public schools in the NT. There are a few small differences, and so the NT Catholic school teacher’s salaries are in the table below:

Classroom Teachers – Catholic NT Schools

StepAnnual Salary

Just as with the public school system, graduate teachers will begin on Step 1 and move up a step for each year of classroom experience.

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Additional Allowances

In addition to the above salaries, teachers can earn an additional allowance based on certification against the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers. These allowances are outlined below:

Advanced Skills Teacher

ClassificationAnnual Allowance

Highly Accomplished Teacher

ClassificationAnnual Allowance

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Lead Teacher

ClassificationAnnual Allowance

Coordinator (Religious Education or Other)

ContextAnnual Allowance

NT Independent School Teacher’s Salaries

Northern Territory Independent schools are able to set the salaries for their own teachers independently. Many of them have their own Enterprise Agreements, but these will be different for each individual school. 
If you are thinking of working for a NT Independent school, you may have to contact the school directly to ask about their pay rates for teachers. The IEU also has some information about pay at specific schools on their Media Release page, or you could contact the IEU with any questions.

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How does the NT compare to other states?

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