What is the relief teacher pay rate in Brisbane?

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How much do relief teachers get paid in Brisbane?

Public schools

If you are a casual supply or relief teacher in Brisbane and are working for the Queensland Department of Education, the pay rate is $426.20 per day or $85.24 per hour

This daily pay rate equates to five hours at the hourly rate. This means that you would receive more money if you are being paid at the hourly rate as many relief and casual supply teachers will be working more than five hours per day in a school. 

If you are working the full day at a school, you will be paid the daily rate. If you are working a half-day or are asked to work longer than the usual school hours, you will receive pay for these hours at the hourly rate.

As a relief or casual supply teacher in Brisbane working for the Department of Education, your daily and hourly pay rate includes 23% loading. This means that this pay rate includes an extra 23% more than if you were a contracted classroom teacher. This is done because casual relief and supply teachers will not get paid for the school holidays like classroom teachers, and their work is not consistent or predictable.

You can find more about teacher pay rates for the Queensland Department of Education here.

Catholic schools

In Brisbane Catholic schools, you will get paid an hourly rate. Graduate casual teachers working for Brisbane Catholic Education will be paid $60.27 per hour.

Unlike the Department of Education, casual supply teachers do not get a daily rate. While the hourly rate for Brisbane Catholic Education is a lot lower than if you were working in a public school, for a full 7-hour day (working 8:30 am to 3:30 pm) you will receive $421.86 if you were working in a Catholic school or the daily rate of $426.20 if you were working in a public school. These rates are very similar, although the pay for working in a public school is slightly higher.

If you are working for Brisbane Catholic Schools though, your pay rate as a casual relief or supply teacher will increase as you get more experienced. The pay rate given above is for a Graduate teacher, but if you move to be a Proficient teacher your pay will increase according to the following table:

ClassificationHourly Pay Rate
Proficient 1$63.2104
Proficient 2$66.2125
Proficient 3$69.3292
Proficient 4$75.1500
Proficient 5$78.1500
Proficient 6$80.0021
Proficient 7$83.6708
Proficient 8$86.7979
Source: Brisbane Catholic Education

Independent schools

If you are working for an Independent school in Brisbane or Queensland that is not a Catholic school, you will be paid at a rate that is determined by the school. The pay rate in every Independent school in Brisbane is different, so you will need to check with the specific school to determine their pay rate.

As a casual supply or relief teacher in Brisbane, you will get paid every fortnight. All of the schools that you have worked at during the fortnight will need to submit the days or hours that you worked before the cut-off for the fortnight.

Regardless of whether you are working in a Queensland private or public school, it is important that you check your payslip every fortnight. As a casual supply teacher, you need to rely on individual schools to submit the names of the casual teachers that they have hired before the end of each pay period. 

If you look at your payslip and there are days that you have worked that are not included, it is important that you check with the schools that you have worked at to see if they have submitted the correct forms on time. Regardless, you should be paid for those days in your next pay period.

Does the pay for Brisbane relief teachers increase?

In some states around Australia, your pay rate will increase automatically as you gain more experience. This is not the case for casual supply teachers working for the Department of Education in Brisbane. As a casual supply teacher in Queensland public schools, you will be paid as if you are at Band 3, Step 1 of the pay scale. 

If you are working for Brisbane Catholic Schools, your pay will increase once you move from a Graduate teacher to a Proficient teacher. Your pay will then increase automatically every year until you get to Proficient 8. Once you have reached this classification, your pay can increase further if you become a Highly Accomplished or Lead Teacher.

If you do not go through the process to move from a Graduate to a Proficient teacher, your pay will not increase up the pay scale. 

You will also usually get an additional pay increase every year according to the relevant Agreements and Awards. This is designed to at least match inflation, and the process to determine how much your pay will increase over the life of the agreement is determined by the sector and the relevant union. For most schools in Brisbane, the most recent pay increase was 2.5% per year.

How do the pay rates for relief teachers in QLD compare to elsewhere in Australia?

Click on the below links to find out how relief teachers are paid in other states and territories around Australia:








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