Your Annual Leave Entitlements as a Victorian Teacher

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Navigating your annual leave entitlements as an educator can often feel complex. This article aims to simplify these provisions and provide clarity on your rights.

Standard Annual Leave

Every employee is entitled to 152 hours, or 20 days for a full-time teacher, of annual leave for each twelve months of service. This leave accrues progressively during the year, in line with your ordinary work hours.

Additional Paid Leave for Education Support Class Employees

In addition to the standard annual leave, education support class employees — those who perform non-teaching duties to support educational delivery — are entitled to an extra 228 hours, or 30 days, of paid leave. However, any leave purchased under certain provisions will reduce this additional entitlement.

Timing of Annual Leave

The timing of when you can take your annual leave is determined by your employer. However, your preferences should be taken into account as much as possible. This ensures a balance between your personal needs and the school’s operational requirements.

Illness or Injury During Annual Leave

If you fall ill or get injured during your annual leave, you might be eligible to convert this into personal leave. By satisfying certain requirements, the corresponding period can be re-credited to your annual leave balance. This allows you to reserve your annual leave for when you’re in good health and can fully enjoy your time off.


Understanding your leave entitlements is essential to balance your work commitments with personal time off. If you need further clarification, consider discussing with your employer or union representative to ensure you’re making the most of your benefits.

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