Young male teacher talking to an older family member about work, while walking and drinking a coffee.

Why teachers don’t talk to their families about teaching.

Friends to gripe with over coffee or a partner to call in tears when things are bad are important for your well being, but many teachers don’t have this.

Two young teachers debriefing after a difficult lesson.

Debriefing – A Critical Skill For Teachers.

Debriefing is often an overlooked part of being a teacher. We deal with complex and honestly risky situations all day, although many don’t recognise it.

Older female teacher smiling while talking to a young student.

Develop Unconditional Positive Regard in the Classroom.

Unconditional positive regard is about forgiveness. It’s not enough to point out the good; you need to also forgive students when they make poor choices.

Older male teacher smiling while working with a teenage male student.

3 Incredible Benefits of Unconditional Positive Regard.

While most of the strategies you use in the classroom are things that you do, unconditional positive regard is rooted in how you think as a teacher.

Young female student and teacher painting eggs together for Easter.

3 Important Considerations When Celebrating Easter in Class.

When you have a class of 20-30 students, you learn to never expect anything. You never know precisely what each of your students’ backgrounds, families, and values are.