Why Your Students are Not “Attention-Seekers”.

It’s tempting to use your usual behaviour management techniques, but this can actually reinforce attention-seeking behaviour and turn it into a real problem.

A group of teenage students smiling and laughing together while they work on a task in class.

7 Ways to Look After Your Well-being as a Teacher.

Teachers are always on the go and working late into the night. This lifestyle can take a toll on your health, causing you to feel stressed and run down.

Pre-service teacher sitting on steps alone worrying about finding a university y teaching placement.

How can I speed up getting my South Australian Authority to Teach?

This process can take some time, and you may be under a lot of pressure to get this final step done as soon as possible. If you think that it’s taken too long

Can I work as an SSO if I am a registered teacher in South Australia?

In order to work as an SSO in South Australia, you need to be on the Employable Ancillary Register. Once your application has been approved, you will receive