School leader shaking hands with a young female teacher to congratulate her for winning a teaching contract

The #1 trick for winning your first teaching contract.

So, you’ve been a relief teacher for a little while, and you’ve decided that you want your first teaching contract.

Two substitute teachers sitting on chairs having a serious talk, yet they are both smiling.

Relief Teacher Communities and How To Beat Isolation.

Being a relief teacher can be isolating. It’s easy just to end up floating around from school to school, not building any real connection…

Female substitute teacher helping a teenage student, who really appreciates the help.

What Teachers Look For in a Relief Teacher.

There were a few things that were different teaching younger students, but I wasn’t prepared for the classroom teacher organising their own lesson cover.

Young female teacher talking to her young male referee.

How To Get a Good Referee As a Relief Teacher.

You’re in different schools every day, working with different leaders. If you’re like me, the mere mention of a referee spiked my anxiety.

Female teacher standing confidently in front of her class.

6 Skills Relief Teachers Need to Put on Their Resume.

You’re ready for a class of your own, and you’re going to go for it. There is one problem; how do you even put relief teaching on your resume??

Female teacher working closely with a group of young students.

5 Strategies for Relief Teachers to Quickly Build Rapport with Students.

One of the most challenging things about being a relief teacher is that when the relief teacher is in, the students will often NOT be on their best behaviour.

A young female teacher sits on a bench in the hallway looking anxious with her head in her hand.

4 Ways to Get More Work as a Relief Teacher.

Not every school is looking for new relief teachers. All schools prefer to stick with teachers they know, so it can be hard to break in when you’re new.

Substitute teacher smiling while her students work on computers in the background.

“Stuck” relief teaching? The case for career relievers.

I come from a family of teachers, and I remember my mum telling me that she will never forget the first class that was her own.

Three young professionals standing and talking while drinking coffee

3 Skills that Principals look for in a Relief Teacher.

Relief teaching can be tricky. It has wonderful moments (like going home and not needing to mark workbooks all night), but sometimes you want something more.

4 Tips for High School Relief Teachers in Primary Schools.

Just seeing all the tiny children with their clothes and bags that were too big for them, and hand held tightly by their parents made me feel a little nauseous.