The Role of Emotional Intelligence in Enhancing Teacher Work Engagement: A Study

This article discusses a recent study that explored the role of emotional intelligence in moderating the impact of stress on work engagement among teachers.

Work, Health & Safety in NSW Public Schools

The NSW educators award has a clause designed to promote comprehensive safety measures, and outlines your rights as a NSW teacher.

A woman teaching in a classroom at night.

Why Teachers Burn Out – A Crisis for Teachers

We see it too often as teachers. The demands of the job get too much, and anyone you talk to can’t see anything about your job other than school holidays.

A teacher is doing crafts with his students. They are piling on top of him and he is laughing.

The Impact of Challenging Behaviour: How Teachers Can Cope.

Challenging behaviour from students can be difficult. You need to keep your composure and control, but you also take the emotional toll home with you. 

A group of teenage students smiling and laughing together while they work on a task in class.

7 Ways to Look After Your Well-being as a Teacher.

Teachers are always on the go and working late into the night. This lifestyle can take a toll on your health, causing you to feel stressed and run down.

Teacher smiling as she does an art and craft activity with a group of young students.

Why teacher well-being is the most important factor in student success.

Teachers know that you can’t do your best work when you are not looked after. Too many teachers can’t balance the demands of their job with their well-being.

Young student wellbeing leader sitting with colleagues laughing.

Is being a Student Wellbeing Leader worth it?

Being a Student Wellbeing Leader is not a walk in the park. While it looks different in each school, there are a couple of common aspects that you can expect.

Young student wellbeing leader sitting with colleagues laughing.

What is emotional burnout and how does it impact teachers?

As teachers, we’re not witnessing deaths and grieving families like a lot of other professions, but many of us are experiencing emotional burnout.

A hand is using a pencil to complete an online literacy and numeracy test.

The impact of the LANTITE on pre-service teachers.

They said it was to ensure that we could read, write, and do some simple maths. Surely, we’d proved these things by completing a university degree?

Teacher taking a break from their work to stretch.

How to get enough exercise as a teacher.

How do you get exercise as a teacher? You get to work while it’s dark and stay until after the students leave. The trick is to alter what you’re already doing.