A teacher sitting at a desk in a classroom.

How teachers check for plagiarism – can they really tell?

If you think you can get away with it, remember that reading and judging student work is a key part of their jobs, and most are very good at it.

A teacher working on a laptop at a desk.

AI assignments – the new threat to academic integrity

Technology is changing every year, and the problem now is, teachers may not be aware of what is out there. 

Students are sitting in a row at a long desk smiling at the camera.

What’s the best way teachers can deal with periods?

A part of working with teenagers is working with puberty. Hormones are raging, and many students struggle to handle them. Some teachers struggle, too.

A room full of private school students listening to their teacher.

Socio-economic status and school – how much does it really matter?

If students have less money, their home lives will be different to those with higher income. This looks different for every student and isn’t generalisable.

A teacher is instructing a classroom of children.

High Teacher Expectations – What Does it Actually Mean?

Low teacher expectations are one of the critical problems for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students in Australia.

A homeschool student is sitting at his desk with a microscope and a pad of paper.

Flipped Learning – How Do You Get it to Actually Work?

Flipped learning is one of those things that are fantastic in theory, but there are stories about how it just doesn’t work; at least, not for my students.

A classroom of children with a teacher giving them a thumbs up.

Why Your Students are Not “Attention-Seekers”.

It’s tempting to use your usual behaviour management techniques, but this can actually reinforce attention-seeking behaviour and turn it into a real problem.

A woman wearing headphones reading a book in a library.

7 Weird But Genius Study Tips – Work Smarter, Not Harder.

Being able to study effectively requires a lot of planning. To do this right, you need to know a bit about yourself and be willing to do some trial and error.