School Reports Have Changed – And it Will Have Consequences.

They often need to be done more frequently and they are becoming more structured; there are more and more rules about what teachers can and cannot say.

Closer and Quieter – How To Manage Attention-Seeking Behaviour.

The students who like to get on your nerves, who seem to thrive on getting a rise out of you. How do you manage these students?

The Power of Praise: How to Properly Praise your Students.

Praise has enormous power to reinforce a mindset. Whether a student receives praise will impact how they think about themselves and their place in the world.

The Best Strategy for Relief Teachers who Struggle with Names.

With the number of names that you need to remember (and how little time you have to learn them), you need a solid strategy in place to help you.

6 High-Impact Teaching Strategies That Take 30 Seconds or Less.

These strategies will take 30 seconds either in your lesson or after. They may just be the best 30 seconds you can spend to support your students.

A group of young students are sitting on the carpet while their teacher reads them a book.

1.5 Differentiate teaching to meet the specific learning needs of students across the full range of abilities.

While many interpret this as differentiating learning for those who are working below their year level or who have learning difficulties, this is not the case.

A school administrator is handing a teacher their pay packet.

Teacher Salaries in SA Public Schools

If you are a classroom teacher in South Australian public schools, you will be paid between $60,198 and $124,393. The exact salaries are in the table below:

A young Aboriginal man is standing to the left side of the frame. He has his arms crossed across his chest and is looking straight into the camera.

1.4 Strategies for teaching Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students.

Supporting First Nations students is a key priority of school systems across Australia, and our schools are a key part of nationwide Reconciliation efforts.

1.3 Students with diverse linguistic, cultural, religious and socioeconomic backgrounds.

Students with different backgrounds respond differently to teaching strategies. Knowing the best strategies to teach your students is a key part of teaching.

1.2 Understand how students learn.

The science of learning is always developing. If you’ve been in a school for a while you will know there is always something new that educators are focusing on.