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Part-Time Employment Policies for Teachers in NSW

This article aims to explain the specifics of part-time employment for teachers in New South Wales, providing clarity on how work schedules, responsibilities, and benefits are managed.

Empowering NSW Temporary Teachers: Progression and Opportunities

Provisions outlined in Clause 22 of the NSW teaching award focus on the pay, conditions, conversion to permanency and salary progression for relief teachers.

Allocating Teaching Periods in NSW Public Schools

Clause 16 of the NSW teaching award shed light on how teaching periods are distributed among teachers, head teachers, and deputy principals.

Teaching Hours for Years 11 and 12 Teachers in NSW

To enrich the curriculum and promote Vocational Education and Training (VET), the NSW government has introduced provisions for teaching hours for Years 11 and 12.

Logo feedback for university teachers and students.

Making the Most of Student Feedback in Australian Universities

A recent study by the University of Ulster’s Educational Development Unit (EDU) looked at how schools gather and use student feedback.

Student feedback.

9 Quick and Easy Strategies for Teachers to Collect Quality Student Feedback

Feedback from our students is an immensely valuable tool, but gathering quality feedback that truly reflects their learning can sometimes be a challenge.

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Breaking Down PLCs: Why They Matter and How They Can Benefit You

So, you’ve been asked to be part of a Professional Learning Community (PLC) at your school. And right now, you might be wondering, “What’s the point?”

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Why and How Principals Should Foster Effective Professional Learning Communities

Explore the benefits of PLCs, how to create a collaborative learning culture, and how to support facilitators through challenges they may encounter.

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Appointing Temporary Teachers to a Permanent Position in NSW

Positions sometimes need to be temporarily filled for various reasons, such as declining enrolments, curriculum changes, or the absence of a permanent teacher.

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The Power Of Reflection In Teaching: Nurturing Growth And Excellence

Reflection invites educators to celebrate successes, consider missteps as opportunities, and embark on continuous improvement.