Understanding Other Paid Parental Leave Policies for Victorian Teachers

This article aims to clarify certain clauses related to “Other Paid Parental Leave” in the context of teaching.

Partner Leave Provisions for Victorian Teachers

The provisions for partner leave provide essential support to employees who aren’t the primary caregiver but have accepted parental responsibility.

4.2 Manage classroom activities

From planning to execution, master the art of effective classroom management to create a conducive learning environment for students’ success.

Developing Self and Others: Professional Practices for Australian Principals

Principals are not solitary leaders; they are the architects of a thriving professional learning community where continuous improvement is the norm.

Long Service Leave: A Guide for Victorian Teachers

Specifically for teachers, the provisions of long service leave are governed by the Education and Training Reform Act 2006 (Vic) or its successor.

Spouse Leave: A Guide for Victorian Teachers

Understanding your leave entitlements is crucial to maintaining work-life balance, especially in demanding professions such as teaching.

Cultural and Ceremonial Leave for Victorian Teachers

The Victorian Government Schools Agreement 2022 provides specific provisions for Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander employees, reflecting a recognition and respect for their cultural practices.

Open Ended Questions – A Quick Strategy to Empower your Students.

As teachers, we are always looking for ways to engage our students in learning. One of the most effective ways to do this is by asking open-ended questions.

Understanding Public Holidays for Teachers in Victoria

In the Victorian Government Schools Agreement 2022, several public holidays are recognised, and specific rules are established for when they fall on a weekend.

Staff Experiencing Family Violence: A Guide for Victorian Schools

This leave allows staff experiencing family violence to be absent from work for activities related to family violence, such as counselling appointments and legal proceedings.